book recommendations for a 13/14 year old girl

hi all,

as you’ve been reading our blog you mite have noticed that we LOVE books!!! but recently we have run out of books to read and are open to your recommendations.

whether its horror, fantasy or romantic we don’t mind so send us your reading lists and we will make sure to read through them.


potterphiles vs. twihards

twilight vs harry potter

now, weather your a twilight of harry potter fan i think we can all agree that both sagas are truly epic.

but, what i really wanna no is weather harry potter or twilight is better. i could not decide, because to honest with you i love them both, however if i was pressurized- i mean really pressurized-  i would probably have to go with being a ………….. potterphiles. for the reason that i love harry potter sooo  much, i have all the movies and have read the books 7 times each ( i know how sad that sounds).

i am, by no means, saying the the twilight saga not as good, i think it is also an awesome series, but  harry potter has been with me for ages since i was like, ummmm  really small.

anyway i would love to hear/ read what you have to say 

the hunger games

Image im not sure how many people have watched this as a film, but i’m sure that if you read the book you would have been quite keen to watch it, well i was anyway…but if you ask me the movie was a let down, i mean they cut out some important people, in my opinion,. they cut out Madge and greasy sae, their are quite important, but i understand that probably couldn’t cast everyone.

but the worst thing ( for me) was the way flavius octavia and vienna behaved, in the book they always quite ” nice” and supportive towards katniss, but the movie portrayed them as rather rude and unkind.

the special effets were very good and the rest of the cast were amazing

ps. did anyone notice the way katniss runs is a litte strange- i would like to hear any thing you have to say….

IMG-20121108-WA0008_1 ColorizIt 2012-11-11_9-25-45

on the left is me-anjali. and on the right is my best friend anjali.

we are lyk sistas n we will be ritin this blog together

i (left) will rite in italics n anjali (right) will rite normally

life of pi

i am currently reading ” life of pi “ however i find myself  lacking in interest…. but i wanted to read the book before the movie (i know its already out)

does anyone know weather i should keep reading it, i would be very thankful

if you have a book recommendations for me ( BTW i’m only 13) could you comment the book name or some how show it to me 


hi anyone that reading…                   ive just started to write my blog and im accutally exited about doing this…. well i think ill probably write this as a diary or something

anyway i’ll write next time something interesting happen in my life